PTC Task Forces and PTC Liaisons to Divisions and Committees

The PTC is a practitioner-scholar community that thrives through committed volunteers like you! Join a task force now!

Participating in a task force is a great way to become more involved in the committee. We welcome your involvement! We can always use help, new perspectives, ideas and additional skills. You can learn more about the task forces in the Practice Theme Committee by viewing the descriptions below. If you find something that interests you, please send an email to the director(s) of the task force telling them you want to become involved, and suggesting what job you'd like to do on that task force.

Fulfilling the linking role that the PTC plays in bridging gaps between practice and scholarship, we have organized the upcoming PTC strategic initiatives in the form of task forces. You can learn more about the specific task force in the PTC by viewing the descriptions below.

Usha Haley (Scholarly Impact);
Tyrone Pitsis (Engagement and Impact);
Fedor Ovchinnikov (Practitioner Empowerment);
Gigi Johnson (Online Communication and Collaboration);
Chris Dembek (Industry Engagement);
Christof Backhaus (Awards);
Guillaume Carton (Student Outreach).

PTC Liasions to Divisions and Committees

Members of various divisions and committees have volunteered to serve as liaisons to the PTC. You can learn more about what the division or committee liaison desires to accomplish in the PTC by viewing the descriptions below.

Janet Salmons (Ethics Education Committee Co-Chair);
Jean Neumann (Chair of the Management Consulting Doctoral Consortium);
Maris Martinsons (Organizational Communication and Information System Division);
Christina Sue-Chan (Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee);
Emmanuel Monod (Teaching Theme Committee);
Fedor Ovchinnikov & Tom Mierzwa (Entrepreneurship Division);
Melanie Cohen (Management Education Division).

We look forward to turning some of these liaised roles into strategic actions that will be comparable to what was accomplished in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Division in the development of their Entrepreneurship Impact Award.

PTC Governance: PTC Task Forces & PTC Liaisons

A PTC task force refers to an ad hoc group of experts or voices formed for the purpose of addressing a particular need or problem; this temporary structure allows other committee members or new volunteers to join various task groups within the task force. A task force director solely or sometimes jointly with another person, leads and facilitates the various task groups' activities assumed by the particular task force. New task forces can be added or existent task forces can be disbanded, or combined, as the PTC adapts to its evolving needs and functions.

Task force directors can break up the activities in whatever units they find sensible and form separate task groups around the activities that would require different sets of volunteers. The director of a task force assesses the needs of a task group, and chooses the people they want involvement. At the beginning of the year, new task force directors will explain what they are planning and what needs or help they might desire from others. The description would allow other people to know what the directors are doing and where they are going, so interested committee members and new volunteers can join in the activities of mutual interests and concerns in various task force groups within each task force.

The PTC liaisons with other AOM divisions and committees serve the communicative and facilitative function that bridges the PTC to other communities and fulfills its integrative functions in generating impact across borders. The liaisons would explore the mutual interests, parallel goals, and tacit concerns with other AOM divisions and committees and broker collaborative opportunities, instigate dialogues, and facilitate joint actions. We have established the Entrepreneurship Impact Award through the facilitation of PTC liaisons with the ENT division in establishing the Entrepreneurship Impact Award. We encourage the PTC liaisons to turn their communication into strategic actions, form new task forces, and work toward implementation.